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We are here to help you run your organisation better and to improve your performance and quality of life.
Every small organisation deserves the proper tools for running their business and activities. 
Most SMEs and small non-profit organisations rely on the integration of Spreadsheets (Excel. Google Sheets) with Documents (MS-Word, Google Docs) and Email plus a somewhat cumbersome File Management structure to store files, images, reports, videos, presentations, etc.
But there is a better way, and it needn't cost a fortune. In Bedrock Success we love helping small organisations implement CRM and database solutions in the cloud to enable them work in a more efficient and effective way: acquire a full perspective on every contact and track communications with each of them; locate the relevant documents associated with each contact;  assign tasks and activities for every staff member and follow up on them using their preferred tools (Google Calendar, Outlook...), and lots more.
Our passion is to help our clients achieve their own success. That's why we don't offer a ready-made solution. Each client has their own challenges and needs (in terms of business processes, budget, technical expertise) and that's why we work with each of them to identify the most suitable platform solution.

It is a real pleasure to work with Bedrock Success: amazing customer service and always wanting to fulfil your needs! Their only focus is to make our system better, and whenever anyone in the office wants an improvement there is always an immediate response and solution to our needs! Highly recommended!

Luis Gonzalez
Rockbrook International, Dublin Ireland


Some of the platforms we work with to provide the most suitable solution for our clients.


The leading CRM platform for medium and large enterprises. Registered Charities Non-profits of any size can benefit from Salesforce Foundation's offering of free and heavily discounted licenses.

logo salesforce.png


Zoho Bigin provides a user-friendly CRM packed with the right features, and most importantly, for the right price. Bigin removes the complexity associated with full-blown CRMs, making it easy for its users to set up, track day-to-day activities and manage customer relationships.



Simple yet powerful database development platform owned by ForeSoft Corporation. TeamDesk can provide an online database system without writing complicated scripts. With the good integration with MS Word, you can use TeamDesk to print invoices, quotations, reports, etc.

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Bedrock Success
Rockbarton North
Galway H91 KH94

+353 86 0853096

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